Tanki Online

Tanki Online

Tanki Online, by developer AlternativaPlatform is an MMOTPS. Gameplay is focused on vehicular combat with tanks. The game is free-to-play, played in-browser and, as of June 2013, has over 28,000,000 registered players.


Tanki Online gameplay consists of matches, called battles. Each of these matches has a goal, depending on the type of battle played. The four modes are Deathmatch, Team Deatchmatch, Capture the Flag and Control Points. Some of these are team games, whereas modes such as Deathmatch focus on solo-gameplay instead. Maps are used for these battles, many of which are created by players.

Players experience this from the third person perspective whilst controlling a tank. In between battles, players can visit their garage and use in-game currency to upgrade and customise their tank. A ranking system is also in place, limiting what each player can currently unlock and use in terms of tank parts and paint (used as a decorative item).

Battles are timed. At the end of each battle, the in-game currency is awarded to players, with those in higher positions receiving higher proportions. As such, successful victories and personal performance are encouraged to receive more money to upgrade and improve a player’s tank.

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Game Reviews

There are few critic reviews of Tanki Online, although many user opinions seem to be in favour of the game. Whilst the graphics were criticised, the addictive gameplay and simple, easy to learn controls were seen as positive points for the game.

Whilst it doesn’t have a critic score, the user rating on MMObomb was favourable. 48 user votes gave the game an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. A similar average score can be found at MMOhuts, where 132 votes gave it an average score of 3.72 stars out of 5.

At BrowserMMORPG, the game has 5 positive reviews and no negative reviews. Again, gameplay and customisation appear to be key points of appraisal over graphics and depth.

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